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3 Alternative Exercises to Help Cut Down Shoulder Joint Injuries

Posted by Joshua Harmon

Aug 15, 2018

No pain no gain, right???

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Importance of Self-Care While Working Out

Posted by Merritt Clubs

Jul 10, 2018

Have you ever found a workout that you wanted to try? Did you jump right in and almost over-do it because you were working so hard to get that end result? Often, workouts, diets, and fitness routines promise quick weight loss, bigger muscles, and tighter abs. You want these end prizes, so you quickly start exercising and pushing yourself without even thinking about preparation or self-care. However, self-care is key to health. Self-care requires that you take of your body on a daily basis. How would this affect your exercise routines? Self-care will produce more energy for your workouts, increase your abilities to exercise, prevent injuries, and provide a greater satisfaction with the end result, no matter what that may be.

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Trainer Q&A: Corrective Exercise and Movement Patterns

Posted by Katrina Viloria

Mar 7, 2018

You enter the gym, choose a machine, set the weight, and do your thing. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

And then you stop and wonder, "Have I been working out properly? Am I moving my body the right way? Am I optimizing it to its full potential?

Fitness experts and Merritt Clubs Fort Avenue trainers Tony Strittmatter and James Rehak sat down with us to talk about the importance of knowing the intricacies of your body, of moving correctly, and fixing bad patterns.


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Beat the Heat

Posted by Mark Miller

Jun 28, 2016

Summer is here and the heat is red hot. I have a workout scheduled for tonight, but I am on the fence. Part of me doesn't want to skip the workout but the other part says, "Take a break and just relax by the  pool with the kids.”

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How to Nail Your First Trip to Gym

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Jan 12, 2016

Getting started on an exercise program isn't easy for anyone, especially if you're committed to joining a new health club. Regardless of whether or not you have experience in a gym setting, every club is different so it's natural that you'll feel a little out of place the first time you go there. Here are some tips to get you ready so you can start focusing on getting healthy instead of wondering what the heck to do now that you've arrived.

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Workout Your Calves at Merritt Athletic Clubs

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 9, 2015

Give your calves a workout at Merritt Athletic Clubs. There’s more to your legs than just your thighs, and plenty of alternative moves if you’re getting bored with the same old calf raises. These are 3 other exercises that will help you take a whole new look at shaping up your lower legs.

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Exercise Your Options: 5 Reasons to Take Up Racquetball/Squash in Autumn

Posted by RaySa

Nov 6, 2014

Looking to ramp up your fitness routine this autumn? Why not exercise your options and throw racquetball into the mix? Here are five great reasons to give the idea some consideration:

#1: Calorie Burner & Cardio Workout

For starters, a 60 minute racquetball game has the potential to burn more than 600 calories and get your heart pumping. Thus, it makes an ideal activity for those that want to maximize their time at our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ locations.

#2: Other Health Benefits

Of course playing racquetball or squash at Merritt Athletic Clubs provides more than just an opportunity to burn calories. Each game can also help to tone your body’s major muscle groups, increase your muscles’ range of motion and improve your overall coordination.

#3: Inexpensive

In addition, it is a very inexpensive sport that does not require a lot of gear. All you need are protective eyewear ($20), a good racquet ($25), comfortable sneakers ($50) and a racquetball glove ($15). They are also available for purchase through our pro-shops. Understandably, equipment prices will vary based on where you shop and which brands you prefer to purchase.

#4: Easy to Learn

Racquetball and Squash are also very easy to learn. As such, you’ll be able to spend more time playing and less time memorizing rules. Basically, your mission is to win rallies by accumulating more points than your opponent. The points are essentially accumulated by hitting the ball towards the front wall and keeping it in play.

#5: Opportunity to Socialize

Lastly, our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ locations offer members a chance to sign-up for racquetball/squash leagues and clinics. Both opportunities are a great way to meet new people, enhance your racquetball/squash ability and develop your social skills. The leagues tend to run for 10 to 12 weeks. We should also mention that the clinics are taught by a certified American Professional Racquetball Instructor. Advance registration is required for each one and may be initiated online.

For more information about racquetball/squash and the courts available at our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ locations, contact us by phone or online.

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The Importance of Cross Training

Posted by Heather Blake

Aug 17, 2012


Why is Cross Training Important?

Cross training is when you use several different types of training methods to improve overall fitness or a specific component of fitness.

Many people make the mistake of doing the same workout for months, even years without making any changes or adjustments. The body is an amazing machine, able to adapt based on the demands placed upon it. Fitness is improved only when the body is pushed beyond its limits, where it is then forced to improve. After a certain time period the body adapts to a certain workout and is no longer challenged.

Thus, you need to change your workout and try different types of exercise every couple of days, weeks, and months to keep your body challenged. Challenge yourself to try a new workout. It will improve your fitness, help with weight loss, reduce your chance of injuries, and even work muscles you never knew you had. Break the monotony try something new.

Written by Paul Kirkpatrick

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The Art Of Personal Training (exercise, workouts, guidance, motivation, progress, recovery & plateau) - Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate

Posted by RaySa

Apr 17, 2012

Regulating a true Balance in your fitness program helps you stay fresh and focused

Most people that come to the gym really all want the same thing, to look and feel better while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I think the majority of people tend to have trouble because of two reasons…

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An Awesome Motivational Story to Inspire Us All

Posted by Kate Hendrickson

Jan 12, 2012

Get motivated with workout buddies!

What keeps you from the gym and working out? More than likely, it has something to do with lack of motivation, accountability, and/or the dread of boring workouts. You’re not alone. My thoughts have varied from, “It’s been a long week...I don’t feel like going to the gym” to “Seriously, I’m so bored of running on the treadmill” to “It’s not like I’m meeting a trainer so I don’t have to go right now, I can go whenever works for me.” No matter what the excuse, the next day I often feel regretful I didn’t go.

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