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50 Squats a Day

Posted by Lori O'Donnell

Nov 13, 2019

When I teach classes that have squats in them, and that’s pretty much most of the classes I teach, people will often come up to me afterwards (or before) and tell me they can’t squat. “I can’t do squats. It bothers my knees.” “I don’t like squats, so during the squat track I’m just going to work abs, ok?” “Why do we do so many squats?” In reality, squats, and their many variations, are probably the one exercise everyone should do every day. According to Dr. Christopher Stepien, sports therapist and chronic pain expert, performing 50 squats a day will help your health and well-being. “Daily squats will help you mentally and will even give you better yearly checkups with your primary physician.”

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MS Won't Stop Me from Being a Warrior

Posted by Julie Wigley

Mar 5, 2019

I remember the day exactly. It was St. Patrick’s Day 2010 and I was out with a group of friends. We had been drinking and enjoying ourselves. I started to notice when I would look down at the ground my legs would go numb.
Strange? Yes. Concerning? Not yet.

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Pump it Up

Posted by Amelia Luchey

Jan 9, 2019

We're kicking off one of my favorite times of year – Les Mills Launch Week (I might even argue that it’s better than Christmas)!  Each quarter we receive a new release with brand new music and moves that we get to present for our members to keep our classes fresh.  What makes it more exciting is that we get to team teach and work with some of our other fabulous Merritt instructors who we don’t get to see on a regular basis and who can spice up the experience and bring a little extra energy for our members.

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Let's Zumba for ALS

Posted by Lori O'Donnell

May 9, 2018

It’s that time of year…our #Zumbathon4ALS is back and better than ever! We’ve been posting information about our Zumbathon for a while now. It will be a great evening…the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders will be there, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker will join us, as will mascot Poe, and of course, our fabulous Merritt instructors.


But, have you thought about the significance of the event? What it’s all about? Why we dance and ask you to join us? The Zumbathon represents so much more than just a big outdoor dance party. Our Zumbathon benefits the Brigance Brigade Foundation.

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Group Fitness: Unplugged

Posted by Lori O'Donnell

Feb 14, 2018

When was the last time you were able to go for any length of time without looking at your smartphone? An hour? Two hours? Ten minutes? Our electronic devices are an essential part of our lives. We use them to connect with friends and family, check the weather, manage data, stalk a potential mate, view cat videos, and navigate all aspects of our daily lives. While mobile technology has unprecedented advantages, excessive electronic stimulation may produce negative consequences as well. So, are you using your phone, or is it using you?

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Why You Need to Try a Group Fitness Class

Posted by Lori O'Donnell

Jan 16, 2018

Think group exercise classes are just loud music, fast movements, and mob-mentality? Think again. Group fitness offers social opportunities, mental health benefits, and psychological support. Safe and effective workouts in a fun and social environment, consistent scheduling, instructor motivation, education, and accountability are just some of the benefits of group exercise. Better yet, most group workouts require no prior exercise knowledge or experience.

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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Don’t Stop Believing, Hold On To That Feeling

Posted by Leslie Warren

Dec 5, 2017

My loyal followers! Welcome to my last blog. (Don’t worry, there will be other blogs so you don’t have to collapse in a heap of misery.) Here’s what I’ve learned throughout my year-long process, including a list of my most valuable lessons. I hope these pointers make it to your fridge and serve as inspiration for years to come! 

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Why Group Fitness Beats Going Solo

Posted by Merritt Clubs

Nov 14, 2017

Working out gives you more than just a nice figure for clothes. It improves your body's health, raises your spirits and helps you reach emotional and mental wellness. Knowing these wonderous benefits doesn't always propel individuals to exercise consistently. It is hard work, but there is a secret that makes it easier to reach your physical goals. Group fitness is the trick that keeps you on track.

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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: A Seven Nation Army Couldn’t Hold Me Back

Posted by Leslie Warren

Nov 8, 2017

BODYCOMBAT timeeeeeeeee! Ok guys, I think I found my favorite class because this one is AWESOME! Maybe it’s just my personality that made me enjoy this class, because the idea that I am spending an hour beating up an imaginary person really appeals to me.

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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Posted by Leslie Warren

Aug 15, 2017

Holy dance moves Batman!

Okay, so maybe BODYATTACK isn’t really dancing, at least presumably not compared to Zumba or BODYJAM. But it is still a very fast-paced choreographed routine that I was not great at. And when I say not great, I mean everyone in the class was basically a professional and I just tried not to break my face.

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