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Staying Active With Limitations or Injuries

Posted by Merritt Clubs

Sep 25, 2019

Staying active and fit is not just for the top athletes in prime shape. Whether you have a physical limitation which reduces the amount of time you can walk or a recent or chronic injury preventing you from moving at your max, there are still ways for you to squeeze in those walks. The key to exercising when you have a limitation or injury is to not overdo anything. Stay within your limitations by taking short walks and listening to your body. By heeding to the following suggestions, you will be able to stay fit and active through your recovery by taking short walks throughout the day. 

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Taking Care of Ourselves is the Best and Most Important Project

Posted by Dan Sclar

May 22, 2019

And it's about our lifestyle choices.

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Conquering the Healthy Lifestyle: 4 Easy-Fix Ways to Making Healthy Habits Stick

Posted by Merritt Athletic Clubs

Aug 2, 2016

One of the biggest challenges as a healthy person is sticking with a goal long enough that it becomes a habit. For most of us, habits appear to be a test of willpower. We read about a person who has lost weight or started exercising and we wonder "Why can't I be like that? Why I can't I have more willpower to stay away from that?"

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Health Tip of the Month - July

Posted by Kim Webster

Jul 5, 2016

Each month, will offer a tip in living a healthy lifetsyle. July will start it off with the first tip.


Tip #1: Focus on what you can do right now & forget the rest!

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things we can’t do or feel like we aren’t committing enough time to working out. Calm the noise of those negative thoughts and focus on what you can do right now to be healthier tomorrow. HAVE FAITH in your journey! Know that we don’t have to commit 3 hours every time we workout to see the results we want. Exercise, no matter how short, is still beneficial! The key is to do more of the things we enjoy, get better direction and utilize the most out of the time we are given by doing exercises that WORK!

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Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Tips to Remember When You're at Work

Posted by Linda King

May 31, 2016

When you're at home, it might be easy to focus on preparing healthy meals, heading to the gym for a workout and otherwise working toward your health and weight loss goals. However, chances are good that you spend a good part of your week in the office, which can make it tough for you to really stay serious about losing weight. To stay on the right track, remember these three important weight loss tips, even when you're at the office. Doing so can make a big difference in how quickly you achieve your goals and can have an impact on your overall health.

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How to Get Your Entire Family On Board with Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Linda King

May 10, 2016

Old habits can die hard, and even though you might be ready to transition to a healthy lifestyle, you could be having a hard time getting your family on board. Luckily, following a few tips can help.

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Three Simple Things: Strong, Lean and Fit

Posted by Mark Miller

Apr 26, 2016

We all know that when you work out or move, you feel better.  You act better and you simply are better.  So this spring let’s get moving and keep moving. 

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Use Foam Rollers to Maintain a Healthy Life in Your Gym Workouts

Posted by Rita Williams

Apr 19, 2016

Foam rollers are a common sight at the gym. Why? No less an authority than the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) notes that working a foam roller, either before or after your main gym workout, improves your range of motion in both muscles and joints, decreases muscle pain (particularly after a workout), and reduces tightness in your muscles so you can exercise at peak efficiency.

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Eating Autumn Escarole May Help Marylanders Lead a Healthy Life

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 15, 2015

As the season slowly turns to fall here in the Old Line State, autumn vegetables will be making their way into CSA boxes and produce markets. When they do, one item Marylanders should be on the lookout for is escarole. It could help those in search of a healthy life.

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Health Life Tips: Say Hello to Low Calorie, Fall Fondue Parties

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 15, 2015

Autumn holidays, like National White Chocolate Day and Halloween, don’t have to sidetrack your goal of living a healthy life. There are actually low calorie options available that make joining in on the celebrations easy and fun. One of those options is to leave the chocolate on the shelf and throw a fall fondue party using carob.

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