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Summer Ideas for the Kids

Posted by Dan Sclar

Jul 3, 2019

Ahhh summer! That time of tranquil mornings, long days, and warm nights that stretch seamlessly from June to the start of the next school year. While summer is relaxed, oftentimes parents are at a loss as to how to keep kids engaged and entertained. Below we’ve provided some ideas to help keep the entire family happy during the long break.

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Taking Care of Ourselves is the Best and Most Important Project

Posted by Dan Sclar

May 22, 2019

And it's about our lifestyle choices.

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Strengthening Your Mindset and Practicing Gratitude in Order to Stay Fit

Posted by Dan Sclar

Apr 23, 2019

We all want to have strong bodies -- strong legs, strong glutes, a strong core, a strong upper body, and strong arms – but what we also have to focus on is having a strong mind.  A healthy and strong mindset is what will ultimately help us strengthen our bodies in a sustainable manner. 

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