Taking Care of Ourselves is the Best and Most Important Project


Posted by Dan Sclar

May 22, 2019

bigstock-Conceptual-Hand-Writing-Text-C-226533988And it's about our lifestyle choices.

I like the term “take care” because it applies to so much in life. Take care of our thoughts. Take care of our standards. Take care of our inner circle. Take care of the content that we listen to and read. Take care of our goals. Take care of our belongings. Take care of our fitness. Take care of our nutrition. Take care of our mindset. Take care of our routines. Take care of our habits. Take care of our happiness. Take care of our time. Take care of the choices that we make.

As we get older, we start to have more control over our environment, and we tend to become a product of the choices that we make — not all of the time, but a lot of the time. It comes down to the lifestyle choices that we make and how we choose to take care of ourselves. Focusing on health, fitness, and wellness is such an important choice that we have to be willing to make because it helps us become better versions of ourselves. Becoming better versions of ourselves leads to more happiness. We start to live with more intention and purpose.

The places that we choose to go, the company that we choose to keep, the activities that we choose to do, the amount of steps that we choose to walk each day, the workouts that we choose to do or not to do, and the overall lifestyle that we choose to lead all have so much to do with the quality of our lives. We should always choose to take care of our health, fitness, and wellness. We’re worth it.


Dan Sclar is a Programs and Kids Club Director at Merritt Clubs Towson.

Topics: healthy lifestyle