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Personal Training Tip: Ahi Tuna Jerky is The Perfect Fuel for Runners

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 13, 2015

Before you step into those running shorts and tie up those athletic shoes our personal training experts would like you to take a minute and think about what’s fueling your body. Studies have shown that runners need more than platefuls of pasta to help them keep up the pace of a great run. They also need a great deal of protein. Why? Running experts widely agree that it provides a boost to the body’s immune, circulatory and respiratory systems as well as its energy stores. Plus, it strengthens muscles, which are needed to go the distance.

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Become a Faster Runner

Posted by RaySa

Nov 29, 2011

Interested in becoming a faster runner? One of the best ways to do so is by doing speed work at the track 1 day per week. My favorite is “¼ Mile Repeats.” (Heart rate monitor recommended but not required)

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