Personal Training Tip: Ahi Tuna Jerky is The Perfect Fuel for Runners


Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 13, 2015

Before you step into those running shorts and tie up those athletic shoes our personal training experts would like you to take a minute and think about what’s fueling your body. Studies have shown that runners need more than platefuls of pasta to help them keep up the pace of a great run. They also need a great deal of protein. Why? Running experts widely agree that it provides a boost to the body’s immune, circulatory and respiratory systems as well as its energy stores. Plus, it strengthens muscles, which are needed to go the distance.

A great way for runners to get that much-needed protein boost is to consume Ahi tuna jerky. A 28-gram serving of Original Ahi tuna Jerky traditionally contains 9-grams of lean protein, 11-grams of carbohydrates and zero fat. So, it is a mere 90 calories per serving and most athletes can burn that off by running less than a mile. The same can be said for varieties of honey glazed, teriyaki, Hawaiian warrior, lemon salt and peppered Ahi tuna jerky flavors. Of course Ahi tuna jerky contains sodium too, which isn’t a bad thing for runners.

Runners typically lose a lot of sodium when they sweat. As a matter of fact, some experts claim it isn’t unusual for certain runners to lose 3,000-miligrams of precious sodium in an hour. In turn, that may lead to muscle cramping, dehydration and hyponatremia. So, it only stands to reason that it will need to be replaced accordingly with sea salt or other derivatives. With that said, let’s talk about how much sodium runners can expect to find in a serving of artisan fish jerky.

Many brands of Ahi Tuna Jerky contain 530-miligrams of sodium per serving. Teriyaki and Hawaiian Warrior flavored Ahi tuna jerky flavors typically each contain 330-miligrams. Peppered and salt Ahi tuna jerky flavors, on the other hand, often include 700-miligrams of the helpful ingredient. As for Honey Glazed Ahi Tuna Jerky, it normally contains 750-milligrams of salt. Thus, it is perfect for long distance runners who have a tendency to really break a sweat. To learn more about Ahi tuna jerky and why runners love it, please contact our 24-hour gym's personal trainers.

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