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Merritt Family Helps Ghana Families

Posted by MYannuzzi

Jan 13, 2012

Merritt Athletic Clubs had the honor to work with Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation in their Adopt-A-Family Program. As a company we collected old tennis shoes in order to lift a family out of poverty forever. For every 600 pairs of shoes that we sent to Ghana we were able to save a family. As a team, including Merritt Athletic Staff and our members we collected enough shoes to save 3 Ghana families from poverty and provide them with homes! This was such an exciting program for all of us to participate in together. At the end of the day knowing that we were able to change lives, one family at a time, and that our used athletic shoes were used to fight poverty, hunger and global warming made such a positive impact on all of us. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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