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Aggressive Lifestyle Intervention through Variable Exercise

Posted by Kathleen Moxey

Jul 18, 2011

My ALIVE client had exercise experience being a former high school/collegiate athlete, but many parts of his body were on a program of their own! He wanted to decrease the aches and pains he had developed from his past and continue to stay active as much as possible. The low intensity workout in his regular visits to the gym and less than healthy eating habits were not benefiting him, so he signed up for the ALIVE program. I was excited to work with him in the ALIVE program because many of the exercises were ones I use with my clients so they were familiar to me. I had concerns about how he would do working out on his own, and deal with the change in eating habits. To make the weekly exercise progressions smoother, he used a weekly cheat sheet we put together from the information in the program. I have been totally impressed how hard he has worked on all of the exercises -even when I wasn't there! (We did modify any exercises that may have caused him problems w/ past injuries.) The eating has been a tougher challenge, although he has changed more to the supportive eating and does love the cheat day. The supportive eating is real food and easy to put meals together. The program seems too easy at first, and then it gets more challenging as the client learns to figure some of the fitness stuff on their own, and then it is do-able. After two weeks on the program, he saw a loss of 6 lbs! After six weeks, 17 lbs down and definitely feeling stronger! Less aches and pains! I would say he is on a better path to fitness for him! It's so exciting to see the program work so well! I'm looking forward to seeing how he does in his last two weeks and comparing the final numbers against the beginning numbers! But I can already see the difference and so can others! He's ready for round 2 and I'll be there pushing and cheering him on! GO!!!GO!!!GO!!! COME ON!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! KEEP GOING!!--sometimes he calls this harassment or torture (it's "training!") :-) Guess you would have to experience the ALIVE program and the results from it to understand.

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Hypertension and weight loss

Posted by RaySa

Jul 15, 2011

Please pass along my most sincere gratitude to Phil Kaplan and the Merritt Training Team for their huge role in helping me transform my health, and therefore my life via the A.L.I.V.E program. I want to urge anyone considering joining this program to not hesitate for even a moment. I learned so very much in the course of about 8 weeks and the impact on me physically and mentally has been nothing short of amazing. My blood pressure readings and glucose levels are significantly reduced...enough so that my doctor for the first time in the many years he's treated me smiled, patted me on the back and said "whatever you are doing has been exactly what you need to do." I've never seen him smile! My strength and flexibility have made similar progress. It's great to move through my days without the aches and pains I suffered daily. I feel great about the 14 lb weight loss, but even better about how I now feel.

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