How Adrian Lost 41 Pounds… By Doing A High Intensity Workout!


Posted by RaySa

Jul 20, 2012

Adrian Ford

Adrian Ford discovers a fast, fun, challenging workout to stay in shape!

“Looking at my honeymoon photos I was disappointed that I had let myself get out of shape and overweight at 231 lbs. Although I had always been well conditioned by training for and participating in sports, I now found that I needed more. I began by watching what I ate and cutting out the things I knew were bad for me. Then I discovered Fast Trac. By doing this high intensity workout, that only took 30 minutes, I lost 41 pounds. It was fast, fun, challenging and always changing from workout to workout. It was like doing a fitness obstacle course designed especially for me.

I would recommend Merritt Athletic Clubs, Fast Trac for anyone interested in getting in great shape!”

Adrian Ford, Merritt Athletic Clubs member since 2003

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