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Exercise Your Options: Stay Fit Over the Holidays with Plyometrics

Posted by RaySa

Dec 9, 2014

At Merritt Athletic Clubs, we know how challenging it can be to get through the holiday season with one’s waistline intact. That’s why we are encouraging you to exercise your options by exploring plyometrics.

Plyometrics is a series of fun yet challenging exercises. Collectively, they have the potential to build your muscle strength, burn loads of fat and increase your running speed. You may have heard about some of the exercises in conjunction with previous conversations about CrossFit classes.

Essentially, the exercises involve many of the physical activities that you may have engaged in as a child. Jumping, hoping, skipping, leaping and simulated skating are just some of them. The plyometrics’ routines also tend to include plank jacks, carioca, flutter kicks, clock walks and lateral lunges.

At this point, you may be thinking that plyometrics is something new. It really isn’t. Olympic athletes have been incorporating it into their routines since the 1970s. It’s just now catching on with those who are use to operating outside the world of competitive sports.

Because it does offer such an intense workout, we’d recommend speaking with our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ personal trainers and your personal physician before starting a plyometrics’ workout routine. You may also want to consult with our registered dietitians. That way, you can exercise your options safely and with professional guidance.

In addition, you should be prepared to feel sore after starting a plyometrics’ routine. It is normal to feel that way because of the workout’s intensity and the muscle groups involved. Thankfully, we do have massage therapy and spa services available at select locations. Partaking of those services should help ease the soreness. In the case of certain massages, they may help free your body of excess metabolic waste products and lactic acids too.

To learn more about plyometrics and exercise your options to the fullest, please contact us. Our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ experts would love to help you get and stay fit.


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Lost Your Motivation? A Fitness Center Membership Might Help

Posted by RaySa

Jun 11, 2013

You made a resolution at the beginning of the year to get healthy and lose some weight. You decided to do it on your own, and things were going great for awhile. But now, a couple of months into it, you're losing your spark and your weight loss has reached a plateau. Treating yourself to a fitness center membership might be just the thing to get you back on course.

Variety Prevents Boredom

Maybe you invested in a machine to help you get fit. A treadmill or a elliptical machine are common choices and work well, but after using them everyday they get boring. A gym has many more choices to prevent you from getting bored. You can try different machines, and switch throughout your workout to help you stay interested and make the time fly by. Merritt Athletic Clubs have so many choices you will find yourself exercising longer because you're enjoying your workout time.

Group Classes

Many people think they'd like to exercise by themselves without any onlookers, but there are great benefits to taking a class with other people. You will find comaraderie in meeting people with similar goals, and make friends that will cheer you on. Try a class in pilates, yoga, aerobics, cycling, or give it your all in more intense classes like BodyPump, BodyCombat, or BodyAttack. Whatever your level, we will help you find a class that meets your needs.

Personal Trainers

There's a mindset out there that personal trainers are just for the elite. They are hired by the wealthy or the hard core bodybuilders. Personal trainers at Merritt Clubs are available upon request, and they can help in a variety of ways. Whatever shape you are in, they can evaluate your situation and give you direction to help you achieve your goals. With a few simple tips and encouragement, our trainers can help you get back on the right path.

Maybe you thought you're not a gym person, but your current fitness plan is starting to fizzle out. Consider all the benefits Merritt Athletic Clubs has to offer, and contact us. We love to help people achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a healthier life.

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How to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by RaySa

Feb 28, 2013

A healthy lifestyle will make you look and feel good. Eating right and exercising will give you a naturally high amount of energy to keep you active throughout the day. If you want to change your lifestyle and follow a healthy regimen, try these simple steps.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body depends on a full night’s rest to gain the strength it needs for the next day. Insufficient sleep will cause your body to feel run down and sluggish, even if you miss just an hour. Keep your sleep schedule as balanced as you possibly can to boost your energy level up.

Mental Health

Using your brain and exercising its ability is a key factor in eliminating stress. Reading a good book will allow your body to relax and keep your mind from thinking about the stressors in your life. Yoga and Pilates are excellent forms of exercise that release stress as well. Positive relationships with friends and family actually do the body good as well. Smiling and laughing reduces stress while negative relationships can cause worry and physical conditions such as headaches and stomachaches.

Good Diet

Eating nutritious meals full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, and grains will keep you on the right track. Try to avoid sodium high and greasy foods as much as you can. These foods will also increase your physical performance and you’ll notice the difference week by week. Remember to drink plenty of water to provide nourishment to your body and flush out toxins.

Physical Exercise

You can prevent health issues by working out at least 3 days a week. Mild to moderate exercise is all you need to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. At Merritt Athletic Clubs, we have all different forms of exercise for you to participate in. You can choose from core, cardio, strength and interval training. We also have sports clubs such as running, aquatics, swim team, and basketball to keep your energy levels balanced.

If you’d love to participate in one or more of our clubs, contact us!

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How Adrian Lost 41 Pounds… By Doing A High Intensity Workout!

Posted by RaySa

Jul 20, 2012

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Weight Control - 14 Tips To Help You Lose The Pot Belly

Posted by RaySa

Jul 28, 2011

1. Keep a journal of what you eat.

Record what you eat, the amount you eat, where you eat and what you’re doing when you eat. Note patterns you may want to change.

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