Exercise Baltimore - New Fitness Trends for 2011!


Posted by Devon Dohony

Mar 16, 2011

Do you ever have one of those days; you know the ones that start off bad right from the start. You wake up at 5am with too much on your mind and your alarm clock is not set to go off until 7am. After the many attempts of falling back asleep you start to doze and then guess what it is 7am and that alarm sounds like the most annoying sound you could ever imagine. The day goes on and on and you get so drained from the workday that all you want to do is go home, eat junk food, and lay on the couch but you know you need to go to the gym and get your workout in. It is hard to push yourself to go, believe me I know the feeling. You tell yourself if I go I will feel better, and you probably will. If you don’t go, there is always tomorrow and the next day. This is a common struggle I hear all the time, this and “I just can’t find time in my schedule to go to the gym”. Whatever the excuse is the more you do it the more it becomes an ongoing problem and then you look back and you haven’t worked out in 2 months and all your motivation is gone at this point. Why do so many people fall victim to an inactive lifestyle? I believe it is a lack of motivation and lack of value.

Let’s face it, not everyone likes working out and eating healthy. I get that but it’s my job to help you find ways to stay motivated, create value, and have fun all while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Group Training is the answer! Whether it is taking a Group Fitness Class, joining a run group, small group training, taking a dance class, or meeting a friend at the gym it creates motivation and value. Many experiences are nicer when they are shared with someone else. Shopping, meals, laughs, and travel are some of the experiences that are enhanced when shared between two or more people… why not exercise? When you engage in group training you have a built in support system that will give encouragement and motivation for continuing with your fitness routines. This can be especially helpful for those funky days when you do not feel like exercising. You will also be given the opportunity to be a motivator to the others in your group trainings when they need a kick in the butt or a helping hand. And there is nothing wrong with friendly competition within your workout groups… Who says a little bet or wager may make you think twice about not showing up for your workout or ordering the fries at lunch!

More importantly group training lets you measure your progress against the progress being made by the other members of your group. Measuring your progress against the progress of someone else could tell you if you are on target with everyone else or lagging behind for some reason. You should feel comfortable to approach your trainer or group instructor if you feel that you are not making as much progress as the rest of your group members, perhaps some individual tailoring to your group routine will be all that you need.

Group Fitness Classes are free with your membership so this is a no brainer. The common feedback I hear is that Group Classes are intimidating. “Everyone in the classes knows what they are doing and if I go in there Ill look stupid.” STOP RIGHT THERE… you are talking yourself out of it before you even step into the class. Group Fitness Classes are like trying to learning to ride a bike. You may have to start with the training wheels… take the most basic classes first that do not involve a lot of moves like BodyPump or a Cycle class. Once you feel like you are ready for more then take a BodyCombat class or a Step class. Just remember to try it more than just once. You have to give your body a chance to catch on. The more you try it the easier it is the next time. Then one day you just get it! Group Classes will keep in you engaged and having fun all while making you more fit.

Group Training benefits both your emotional health and your physical health. It also fosters greater self esteem. It will keep you motivated and you will see value in taking time out of your busy life to better your health and fitness. If you have never experienced group training now is the time!

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