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Trainer Q&A: Fast, Strong, Explosive

Posted by Katrina Viloria

Jan 10, 2018

Young athletes, check this out. If you want to excel in your sport while at the same time reduce the chance of getting injured, Merritt Clubs Eldersburg trainer Josh Kruhm is your guy. He and a couple other Eldersburg trainers coach student athletes at the club through a program called Parisi Speed School.

We sat down with Josh as he talks about how a young athlete can be fast, strong and explosive.

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Play Like You Train

Posted by Kelly Bryant

Nov 1, 2016

Hello, my name is Kelly Bryant and I’m the head of our Sports Specific Training Program (SST) here at the Merritt Athletic Clubs in Towson. 

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Youth Exercise Training

Posted by Heather Blake

Sep 7, 2012


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