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Get Advice from a Trainer

Posted by Eric "Scott" Landers

Mar 7, 2012

When many people decide that it is time to get fit, hit the gym, or start to exercise regularly they simply join a gym and start doing what they think is the best exercises for them to reach their goals. While joining a gym and showing up on a regular basis is definitely the first step and very admirable, it is by no means the best way to achieve goals. People tend to believe that they know what to do because it is their body, they have lived in it for however many years and they may have read an exercise book or two or played lacrosse in high school. Maybe they even used to work out or have friends that either did or currently do work out.

The human body is the most intricate and complex machine ever created; so, why do we assume we can figure it out just because it’s time to get fit? I drive a car and I have almost every day of my life since I was 17 years old (I’m now 32). I’m very familiar with how to operate my car and I would venture to say that I’m a pretty good driver. That being said, when it comes time for a tune up or a repair, I don’t usually pop the hood myself. And if I do, I soon realize that I’m going to need the help of a professional - a mechanic or someone trained to know how a car works internally and knows how to make the proper repairs is way more suited to handle the job. The human body is far more complex than a vehicle; so when going to make repairs or even regularly scheduled maintenance, it is best to seek the advice of a fitness professional.

Variables such as which exercises, rep schemes, heart rate, VO2 max, BMR, proper form, time of sessions and periodization are just some of the many things that have to be considered to achieve maximum results while avoiding injury. If these things seem foreign to you, like a piston of a car engine is foreign to me, than it is time to consult a fitness professional to maximize your fitness goals!! Ask us, that’s why we’re here. It’s our job, it’s what we do!!

By: Eric “Scott” Landers, Personal Trainer at Towson

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Weight Loss Intervention

Posted by RaySa

Jul 18, 2011

The Alive protocol is so effective and yields such great results for one reason, it presents the participant with such a wealth of information that one cannot help but become a health aficionado after completion of the program. The way the information is given to the participants assures optimal grasp of the material by starting off with dispensing of the nonsense that has been taught to the general public for years. I have seen firsthand participants go from completely unsure of what to eat or how to exercise to individuals who are confident going grocery shopping and even more confident in the gym, finally moving away from the 45 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of arm curls and sit ups that they did 2 maybe 3 days a week at the gym. It got to the point where I would completely shut up, allow them to take themselves through the session and just follow my clients around making very small adjustments and basically being their own personal cheerleader. If you want to finally learn how to properly eat without fad dieting or worse starving yourself as well as learn how to use much more than just the elliptical at the gym give the ALIVE protocol a try.

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