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Fearless Fishies - How Swim Classes Help Kids Build Confidence

Posted by Merritt Clubs

Jun 4, 2019

Frequently, parents sign their kids up for swim classes just to give them something to do, expend energy, and keep them busy. Swimming lessons are a great way to make kids safer around the water and prepare them for involvement in water sports and recreation. However, one of the most important benefits that swimming can offer to kids is boosting confidence and self-esteem.

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Best Workouts for Joint Pain

Posted by Merritt Clubs

Feb 6, 2018

bigstock-Athletic-swimmer-training-on-h-134401106.jpgMany of us have a variety of issues that make exercising more difficult. One of the most common problems is joint pain, either from a chronic illness such as arthritis or by being a little too hard on our joints when we were younger. This doesn't mean you have to give up on exercise entirely! There are plenty of other options available to those with joint issues.

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Kids’ Fitness: Great Ways for the Kids to Have Fun in the Water

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 15, 2015

Great times await you and other families that sign up for a Merritt Athletic Clubs’ membership this year. That’s a given. What you might not be so sure about is how to make the most of our heated pool with the kids. After all, the little ones do tend to get restless rather quickly. So we’ve compiled a few pool-rific, kids' fitness ideas that you might want to take under advisement. They’re geared towards kids 8 years of age and younger and are useful in a variety of watery settings:

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Swimming, Stretching and Working Out the Kinks in Your Body at a Fitness Center

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 15, 2015

The human body weighs less in water, so there’s a sense of natural buoyancy when you go swimming at a fitness center.  Although you’re working your body hard, you still get the feeling that you’re floating around and having fun.

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Michael Phelps Swim School is Ideal for Improving Kids' Fitness

Posted by Heather Blake

Aug 16, 2013

Has all the recent talk surrounding Michael Phelps’ June 2013 photo shoot got your kiddos reaching for their swimsuits? If so, you may want to capitalize on their enthusiasm for the retired Olympian by signing them up for our Michael Phelps Swim School Program. It’s an excellent way to improve yourkids' fitness levels and fuel their chlorine soaked, athletic dreams.

For proof of the activity’s fitness value, just take a moment to consider all of the health benefits commonly associated with it. They include the ability to improve our musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems as well as burn calories. Some people say it can even improve one’s mood and minimize certain maladaptive behaviors. In addition, knowing such skills can help to reduce your child’s risk of being involved in an accidental drowning.

Our version of the kids’ fitness program is being offered at our Merritt Athletic Clubs in Towson, Canton and Eldersburg. It is designed for Maryland residents between 6 months and 12 years of age. Families may opt to sign their children up for once a week, individual or group lessons based on their age and skill level. In general, both types of lessons tend to last 30 minutes each and run over a course of 6 weeks.

The skill levels include get wet, pre-beginner, beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate. During the sessions, the kids will learn such valuable skills as rotary breathing, backstroke and freestyle techniques. They’ll also receive Michael Phelps related, motivational items including gold medal stickers. Session times and dates will vary based on the Michael Phelps Swim School Program level desired.

Would you like to learn more about the Michael Phelps Swim School and the other great kids’ fitness programs offered at our Towson, Canton and Eldersburg locations? Contact us by calling 1-410-563-0225 or stop by the Merritt Athletic Clubs’ website.

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Make a Healthy Lifestyle a Family Resolution in 2013

Posted by RaySa

Jan 22, 2013

So you're already thinking ahead to the New Year, and for many people that means making some changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle. For most people, the resolution is an individual one, but why not make it a family decision? Not only is there more success with a built-in support system, but it can be more fun too.

Most people think the gym is just for adults, but with the increasing awareness of Type 2 Diabetes in children, getting healthy is not just for grown-ups. Families who are active together are going to be healthier, stronger, and less stressed.

So what can families do at the gym? Consider swimming as a group activity. Not only is it great exercise, but it's an easy sport to make fun with races or silly contests.

Merritt Athletic Clubs have special programs just for kids. In addition to swimming, there are offerings such as karate, zumba, sports, fitness classes, and gymnastics to get kids moving, and having fun too. And if the kids want to go to the gym, then parents get to go too.

So instead of taking kids to activities and sitting there browsing on your phone or flipping through a magazine, this is your chance to get healthy with them! Adults can take advantage of all the equipment for strength or cardio training, as well as take classes in yoga or Pilates. Get active by taking up a sport such as:

Whether you're in downtown Baltimore or in the suburbs, contact us to find the location near you. Bring your family and make a healthy lifestyle a priority in 2013.

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Benefits of Aquatic Personal Training

Posted by Heather Blake

Aug 23, 2012


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Lap Swimming more than just Cardio

Posted by Andrew Barranco

Sep 25, 2011

Swimming laps has long been considered a great way to get a cardio work out in. Whether your swimming freestyle, backstroke, breastroke or butterfly, swimming allows you to get a full body workout in using all the major muscle groups. A typical lap swimmer will go 15-30 minutes without stopping; they have built up an effective and efficient stroke. However, swimming is more than just a great aerobic exercise.

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