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Unplug to Connect

Posted by Lori O'Donnell

Mar 4, 2020

After my dad passed away about a year and a half ago, I started attending Friday night services at my synagogue on a regular basis. Initially, this was so I could say the Mourner’s Kaddish (prayer for the dead) for my Dad. But, as time went on, I realized that I enjoyed and appreciated the ritual of ending the work week in this way. The service lasts just under an hour, there’s lots of joyful singing, and, it’s a chance to see friends I don’t see on a regular basis. I always leave my phone in the car, and surprisingly, even that one short hour gives me a chance to unplug from the rest of the world and focus on what’s important and right in front of me.

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3 Tips for Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 15, 2015

Nowadays, it seems to have become hard to lead a healthy lifestyle because you get a lot of conflicting information from different sources.  Egg yolks are constantly going in and out of fashion.  Some health gurus recommend high protein diets while others encourage you to go for diets high in fat (Atkins).  Even when it comes to exercise, there’s usually some new fad you keep hearing about, from Zumba classes to kettle bells.  So how do you weed through all this information and keep the stuff that you need?  Consider the following tips:

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