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Look Younger and Feel Better: The Natural Way

Posted by Kelly Wells

Jul 19, 2017

Why are the majority of us wasting time and money being pinched and prodded, as we search for the perfect “age-defying” cream? More times than not, we’re left feeling hopeless as we anxiously await the next new product, promised to make our skin less wrinkly. As these products prove to fail us time and time again, we can’t help but think of new alternatives to changing both our bodies and our lives. What if this transformation could be made by making small changes without depending on different medicines and surgeries?

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Daily Nutritional Deficits

Posted by Heather Blake

Aug 30, 2012

Everyone realizes what happens to their body when they go several hours without eating. Well did you know you could still create deficits throughout the day without proper balance of nutritional intake? Every person experiences blood sugar level fluctuations. The proper intake should help sustain the appropriate blood sugar levels, by eating on time and having the correct sources (complex carbohydrates). Everyone’s schedule is different but in general we should eat every 3-4 hours it can be more frequent with the appropriate quantity. Preventing these deficits helps the body function properly and keeps you feeling good. In addition, this is also true for water intake. A steady flow of water intake is necessary throughout the day. This helps prevent dehydration and allows for healthy body function.

Written by: Leigh Nielsen

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