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New Year's Resolution: No Dieting this Year, Just Eat Right!

Posted by Stephanie Carrigo

Jan 4, 2012

Diets are temporary and, in many cases, when we return to our regular eating habits we gain the weight back that we lost while dieting, if not more. Diets also frequently deprive us of much needed calories and can lower our metabolism. Thus, when we eat things that are not on our diet, we cannot burn off the calories as quickly and effectively. For these reasons, I suggest we “just eat right!”

So how do we eat right? Here are some tips:

• Switch to whole grain rice, breads, and pastas.

• Eat every two to three hours. Your body is an engine; it needs fuel to function properly and at its best.

• Eat at least 5 servings of veggies and fruits each day.

• Consume a starchy carb, fibrous carb, and protein each time you eat.

• Substitute healthy fats for not-so-healthy fats. So, avoid trans fats and limit saturated fats.

• Eat out less. When you do eat out and need fast food, choose restaurants such as subway. For sit down restaurants, look for the low fat menu items or only eat half of your meal and take the rest home.

• Drink as much water as possible! Your goal is to drink more water today then you did yesterday.

• Eat breakfast.

• Don’t buy junk! If it’s not in your house, you won’t eat it.

Stephanie Carrigo, Personal Training Manager at Eldersburg

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