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Merritt Athletic Clubs in Towson offer New Outdoor Space to Encourage Family Fitness

Posted by RaySa

Jun 27, 2013

You've been working hard all winter getting in shape, but now that the nice weather is here, a change of pace is in order. Get off that indoor treadmill and head outside! Merritt athletic clubs in Towson offer a new outdoor space that is great for individuals and families.

New Outdoor Pool Promises Summer Fun

Merritt Athletic Clubs in Towson has been working hard on a new outdoor recreation area, and it is just about ready to open. The outdoor complex has a baby pool complete with a fun, squirting dolphin sculpture. In addition, families can cool off together in a large pool that has plenty of room along with two 18 foot waterslides.

Members will also enjoy new lockers, restrooms, and lounge chairs for relaxing. Work up an appetite while playing in the pool? An outdoor grille featuring Panache Fine catering will take care of hungry members so there's no need to leave. In between dips in the pool, kids can work up a sweat on a large outdoor sports field adjacent to the pool area.

Towson plans a grand opening celebration for their new pool area on June 15th, from 12 to 5pm, although it will be available to members at the end of May. Merritt Athletic Clubs offer a similar feature at their location in Eldersburg. Canton and Locust Point locations have an outdoor pool as well.

Merritt Athletic Clubs want to provide a place that gives families an opportunity to relax and play together. This new pool complex will give families a way to spend time together, while having fun and being active. If you'd like to become a member and see all that Merritt Athletic Clubs have to offer, contact us (410-821-0160).

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Pool Baltimore

Posted by Joe Dressler

Jul 1, 2011

Xtreme Aqua is a 8 week circuit style fitness class that starts with a body fat measurement and performance tests to create a snapshot of your current fitness level and let's you know your alive.

We teach functional/natural movements to get you fit - if you see the movement in nature you will see it in class. We use exercises like squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. If you thought you would never be able to do an unassisted ups, think again. We have girls who can currently do double digit pull-ups. We can teach you how.

Some of the equipment we will utilize are kettlebells, medicine balls, ABMATS, superbands, agility ladders and cones and 20-minutes in the pool to work on stroke and metabolic conditioning.

Classes are set up to learn and perfect exercises, then put them into context by performing them under time constraints, you will then have the outlet to compare your scores with others in your class - prepare your mind to learn, work hard and be in the best shape of your life!

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