The Lowdown on Achieving Perfect Planks


Posted by Merritt Clubs

Feb 7, 2017

bigstock--109099874.jpgPersonal trainers at the best gyms are often quick to admit it. Man or woman cannot get fit with aerobics alone. There has to be some strength training involved, preferably routines that include isometric exercises. One of the most popular and effective is the traditional plank. Why planks and how can gym members make the most of them?

We’re prepared to answer those questions if you’ve got the time. First, planks may look simple but they are anything but. These isometric exercises have the potential to strengthen a number of primary and secondary muscles at one time. Depending on the plank, these muscle groups are typically located in the upper body, core and legs.

Sounds like they hit all major muscles right? Of course the key is doing planks correctly. Otherwise, muscle pain and efficiency loss will be an unaware gym member’s lot. Our personal trainers urge members to start out doing planks in front of several mirrors or a workout buddy to ensure that the form is correct.  

Ideally, the elbows should be at 90 degree angles and the forearms must be perfectly straight. Similar may be said for the spine, legs and ankles. While the body is in that position, it is also advisable to focus on holding the muscles tight and breathing properly. These actions may help the gym members stay in plank position for as long as possible.

Doing planks daily, whether at home or inside Merritt Clubs’ locations, is the best way to strengthen the body in the shortest amount of time. Even a few minutes will help members on their way to super toned, ultra strong bodies. To learn more about achieving the perfect planks and other exercise routines meant to maximize strength, please contact Merritt Clubs' trainers today.

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