Optimize Calorie Burn and Fight Exercise Boredom


Posted by Karen O'Donnell

May 9, 2012

Countdown to Success

Keep boredom at bay with this routine!

I’m easily bored. I rarely do the same workout twice in a week. I love coming up with new routines. My clients love that I’m easily bored! It means that their workouts are fresh, fun, and challenging. All that it takes is a little imagination! Add in a few pieces of equipment and a willingness to try something new and soon you’ll be kicking your own butt!

So here goes…. You’ll need a medicine ball, a wall that you can throw the medicine ball against, and a TRX strap. You will do the exercises in pairs, alternating between each exercise. The challenge comes in the way you do your reps. For each exercise you will start with 10 reps and count your way down to 1.

Round 1

- Medicine ball squat with toss – toss the medicine ball against a wall, catch, squat and repeat
- Push ups ( on the floor, or for more of a challenge, on the TRX )

Start with 10 medicine ball squats and then do 10 push ups, then 9 medicine ball squats and 9 push ups. Repeat until you work your way down to 1.

Round 2

- Sit ups with the medicine ball, with your heels in the TRX straps
- Leg curls, also with your heels in the TRX straps

Start with 10 reps of each and work your way down to 1 (same format as round 1)

Round 3

- Burpees ( also known as squat thrusts )
- TRX rows

Same format as rounds 1 and 2. Start with 10 reps of each and work your way down to 1

I chose these exercises because they effectively work all of the major muscle groups in the body. It is also a very metabolic workout giving you a substantial calorie burn. You can substitute other exercises making the workout easier or harder. If you’d like more detailed information or a TRX demo please feel free to contact me at the Towson club.

Enjoy the workout!

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