How A Thyroid Disorder Couldn’t Stop Kate from Losing Weight and Being in the Best Shape of Her Life


Posted by RaySa

Jul 23, 2013


After massive, unexplained weight gain, being very tired and sick, along with the struggles of being a college student, I was ready to give up until I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Next, it was very important to me to find the right gym. A friend recommended Merritt Athletic Club in Eldersburg. So, on a rainy day in March of of 2012, I walked into a club that would soon become like a second home! I had lost most of the weight I'd gained when I was sick, but I still had a ways to go to get my body back to where I wanted it. When I met Lauren for my first consult, I couldn't believe I was still at almost 25% body fat. While that's still healthy, I wasn't comfortable with this. Lauren recommended taking a TRX class. So with an open mind, I signed up for Rob Stempel's class.

After a few weeks of classes, I began to see results. My core was starting to return and my form and technique were improving. It's not always easy to let someone help me in any way. I've always been independent and very stubborn, but right away I felt at ease with Rob. He's very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. Not only was my body bouncing back, but my confidence was too.

I have been a dancer since age 4, and trying out for an NFL cheer-leading squad was something on my (very long) bucket list. I wasn't getting any younger so, 2013 was the year to go for it. When it came time to hire a trainer, I couldn't imagine working with anyone else but Rob. He taught me proper form and the importance of eating right and rest days (also not easy for me!) I am no longer intimidated to workout on the gym floor. He not only helped me reach my current body fat percentage of 16%, but also encouraged me to become a certified personal trainer.

I can honestly say there were many ups and downs of my training, physically and emotionally. But, with Rob's constant encouragement, the support of my wonderful students, and the Merritt Staff, I arrived at tryouts on March 2nd in the greatest shape of my life. While I did not make the squad, I met amazing people and made friends with some of the girls, making it an experience I will never forget!

5 years ago, I never imagined this would be the direction my life would was headed in. And I wouldn't be where I am at today without Rob, Merritt Athletic Club Eldersburg and the entire staff! With a very busy schedule, I always manage 'gym time' because even on my worst days, there's nothing a trip to Merritt and a good workout can't fix.

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