Benefits of Aquatic Personal Training


Posted by Heather Blake

Aug 23, 2012


When was the last time you changed your workout routine?

Have you tried changing up your land routine and jumping into the water?

Many people have the notion they cannot get a great workout in the water. I’m here to tell you that notion is completely FALSE!!!!

An aquatic workout is a great way to have a high resistance workout that is low impact and easy on your bones and joints. The resistance is created by the water itself and different pieces of equipment can be used to add more resistance as you move through the water.

Aquatic personal training will help you work on your endurance, flexibility, balance, and strength. The workouts will vary depending on your personal needs. There is horizontal and vertical personal training; horizontal is lap-based swimming which is great for triathletes or people who want to cross train. The vertical personal training is non-lap based and is great for anyone who needs a low impact workout or done physical therapy and wants to ease into a workout which won’t stress out their injury.

Aquatic personal training is for any type of person, any age, and any water ability. Our instructors will create workouts personalized to your goals and needs. If you are training for a sporting event, if you want to improve your strength after surgery or an injury, want to lose weight, or want to simply improve your general fitness in a new and exciting way Aquatic PT is for you!

Written by: Cara Hudson

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