Healthy Life News: 2015 Study Highlights the Importance of Whey Protein


Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 13, 2015

Did you happen to pick up a copy of the February 2015 issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition? It contains information about a fascinating study that was recently completed by researchers in the Netherlands. The study focused on the benefits of whey proteins. It proved that they have the ability to help overweight adults lose pounds without sacrificing physical strength and muscle mass. The whey proteins that are said to be the most beneficial are those that include vitamin D and leucine. So you might want to consider incorporating them into your plans for a healthy life.

Many health food stores and pharmacies have collections of affordable whey protein supplements that fall in line with the study’s recommendations. Two that contain leucine are LifeExtension® New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate in natural chocolate and vanilla. For added impact, consider pairing them with an advanced daily liquid multivitamin or a diet high in vitamin D. We should also mention that whey protein supplements don’t have to contain leucine and vitamin D in order to be beneficial.

There were studies published in years past that show premium whey protein supplements are naturally high in leucine and therefore have an innate ability to help athletes engaged in resistance training. One of the most recent studies was published in a 2013 issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. That said, concentrated formulas like Optimal Whey 2420 in vanilla and chocolate are excellent choices. One serving of either supplement has 24-grams of premium whey protein and a modest amount of calories from fat.

Lastly, if you want a protein supplement that doesn’t contain milk, soy, gluten or wheat but tons of leucine, try LifeExtension’s® Pure Plant Protein in vanilla. To learn more about it and other sports nutrition products that any health expert would be happy to recommend, please contact us at Merritt Athletic Clubs today.

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