What you Need to Hear About Exercise and Nutrition


Posted by Heather Blake

Sep 6, 2012


1. No amount of core or ab exercises will give you a lean mid section. So why do you still continue to do them on a daily basis for the purpose of flat abs or a 6 pack? If you want a 6 pack...do compound movements involving legs with heavy loads and get your nutrition in check...see #2

2. There isn't a cookie cutter plan for proper nutrition. Should you eat 6 meals a day? Should you eat every 2-3 hours? Should you eat 2-3 large meals a day? Should you eat starchy carbs at every meal? Maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe. There are 100 right ways to eat properly, you just need to find out what works best for you. How do you do this? Consult with someone who understands how to master your fat burning hormones. Your body does not function in the exact same way as your friend does so why are you using her workout and nutrition plan just because it works for her? Could the same plan work for you? Maybe, but not always. Achieving maximum fitness can take patience and trial and error under supervision of a professional.

3. We all hear that intervals training works best for fat loss but how do you know if you are doing them correctly? Should I be walking and sprinting? Should I be jogging and sprinting? Should my heart rate be between 75 and 85% of my max for 40mins to an hour? Again the answer is maybe, maybe, and maybe. Training at higher rates of intensity for long periods of time may actually increase cortisol levels which may have negative effects on fat and weight loss.

Written by: Kelly Whalen

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