Countdown to Turkey Day


Posted by Heather Blake

Nov 21, 2012

We all know about Thanksgivings “Battle of the Bulge” but do we know how to fight it? Here are a few tips to help us fight this enemy as Thanksgiving draws closer…

24 hours before Thanksgiving: Hit the gym. Skip your normal routine and just focus on doing cardio instead.

16 hours before Thanksgiving: Get a good night of sleep. Stay away from bar-hopping with your friends and hit the bed early. Our body burns fat much easier when we are well rested.

6 hours to Thanksgiving Dinner: Eat a good healthy, hearty breakfast. Don’t starve your body while you prep for the big meal. Your body needs a jump start in the morning or your blood sugar and insulin levels will fall.

3 hours to Thanksgiving Dinner: Don’t just sit around and watch football with your family, get out and play a game of football together. This will allow you to burn calories before your big meal.

2 hours to Thanksgiving Dinner: Grab a few apples that contain their peel and eat them as a quick snack. Apple peels contain a compound that can help curb an out of control appetite.

Thanksgiving Dinner: It is finally here!!! Don’t just throw food down your face J Take time to socialize with your company and enjoy what you are eating. This will allow your body to feel fuller faster.

I hope these tips will help you as you prepare for the big Turkey Day Meal. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Written By: Maria Miller

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