Fire Up the Bands in New, Effective Ways at Great Gyms in Baltimore


Posted by Merritt Athletic Clubs

Oct 21, 2016

bigstock-one-woman-exercising-fitness--48147581.jpgGyms in Baltimore offer the perfect way to break out of one’s body-sculpting routine. Sure, there are free weights, trainers and muscle-building classes on hand. They’re a great way to define one’s frame but so are resistance bands and they may be used at gyms in Baltimore too. Don’t groan and roll your eyes. We’re not talking about 80s style aerobics classes.

These resistance band exercises are different, trendy and well suited for use at our Merritt Athletic Clubs’ locations. So, you won’t find neon bands snapping everywhere while Olivia Newton John tunes blare on the boom box.  Instead, you’ll see the bands being used effectively in conjunction with our free weights, cardio machines, mat work and free-standing exercises. For example, did you know resistance bands may up the ante when it comes to planks?

It’s true if you place the band across your back and hold one end in each hand before doing them. The extra resistance afforded by the bands tends to make the planks ever more challenging and who would have ever imagined that. They may also be used to maximize effectives when doing curls, squats, sit-ups, lunges, weight-lifting and presses. As for the cardio component, consider this:

Depending on cardio machine use, it may be possible to tie one end of the bands to the model’s frame and the other to the body. For instance, you could wrap one end around your thigh and the other around the elliptical machine’s handle bars. Doing so would increase resistance every time you step down on to the elliptical machine’s foot pedal. Similar actions could be taken on the treadmill.

And yes, the bands would work on recumbent bikes too. To use the bands while on the recumbent bikes, consider designing an upper arm workout that marries well with your pedaling speed and resistance goals. To learn more about modern ways to body sculpt with tried and true equipment, please contact us today.

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