Exercise Your Options: Great Tasting Snacks without Harmful Trans Fat


Posted by Sterling McKinley

Oct 13, 2015

If you exercise your options and eat handcrafted fish jerky, you may notice that something is missing. It’s trans fat and given all of the latest news, that’s a wonderful thing. In case the headlines passed you by, allow us to turn back the clock a bit. A few years ago, the U.S. FDA launched a campaign to remove trans fat from Americans' diets. In the process, they asked healthcare professionals, scientists and others to make their opinions known on the subject. Well, in November 2014 some of them released a troubling study about the ingredient’s impact on our brains.

Researchers based in California discovered that over time, eating trans fats may negatively impact a person’s communication skills and cognition. Time magazine followed up on the study’s release with comments and information explaining the connection in more laymen’s terms. Essentially, they explained that some healthcare experts believe the ingredient exacerbates cellular stress. Chronic cellular stress, in turn, often leads to cellular death.

Then in January 2015, the conversation continued with experts speaking out on what trans fat does to the human heart, circulatory and immune systems. Many also discussed its correlation with other health problems, like America’s growing obesity epidemic. It even brought back memories of the early 2000s when certain major cities and states started banning trans fat use on their own. Hawaii, by the way, does not have a trans fat ban although it has been proposed many times.

At this point, the U.S. FDA’s nationwide ban has yet to be put into effect but all of us here at Merritt Athletic Clubs are ready for it. To learn more and take steps to live trans fat-free, please contact us today. We have nutritionists and personal trainers available that would love to help teach you about trans fat and how to exercise your options.

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