Calcium And Exercise Boost Metabolic Weightloss


Posted by Juan De Cruz

Apr 8, 2015


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If you are thinking about metabolic weight loss to take off some of that winter weight, the first thing you may be tempted to cut out of your diet is dairy products. That would be a big mistake. Foods rich in calcium play a major role in helping your body to burn fat effectively. Combine them with regular exercise, and you have a winning combination for getting into shape.


Cheese is not your enemy as long as you eat it in moderation. Some experts believe that a diet high in calcium causes your body to absorb less fat. Others say that people who eat a lot of calcium are probably leaner because they are more likely to eat a balanced diet full of nutritious whole foods. Either way, people who eat more calcium tend to have lower body fat and weigh less. One study by the University of Hawaii found that just one cup of milk or a small piece of cheese was all it took to make the difference.


Of course, this does not mean that you can chow down on pizza with extra mozzarella every night. The best choices for most people will be low or no fat milk or other dairy products. Yogurt is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. Some lower fat cheeses include feta and ricotta. Interestingly, calcium supplements and fortified foods do not demonstrate the same fat burning effects as natural sources of calcium.


As far as the other side of the equation goes, regular exercise is also essential. That way you will be building up muscle instead of losing it as the pounds come off. You will also be able to keep your energy levels up so you can enjoy that cheese.


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