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5 Tips to Begin Cultivating Mindful Fitness Right Now

Posted by Shelley Brown

Apr 5, 2021

As an ultra-marathoner, group-fitness instructor and all-round cardio-junkie, I had a hard time sitting still physically and mentally. My body was always moving, and my mind was moving even faster, often on auto-pilot with a broken steering wheel. On a positive note, I was often referred to as “High-Energy” and on the flip side, I was occasionally referred to as “High-Strung” and an “Over-Thinker.” The thought of doing anything involving slowing down such as yoga or meditation had me joking that I would be unable to do anything like that because there was no way I could sit still and “my third eye would keep opening.” The only time my mind seemed quiet, other than when I was sleeping, was when I was deeply focused while training, running, teaching, or racing. I finally reached a point where the internal and external distractions of life were having a negative impact on me and my quality of life.

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Thoughts on Mindfulness

Posted by Shelley Brown

Oct 26, 2020

The author is a Mindfulness Coach at Merritt Clubs.


The "Horse with No Name"​ has a name and you know what it is.

I’ve been through the desert, the horse had a name, I just never told anyone.  I wrote these thoughts down a few years ago and I always laugh at the thought. Now they have taken on a whole new meaning. 

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