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Resolution Solutions: Sustaining Your Goals in the COVID New Year

Posted by Baily Kerr

Feb 9, 2021

“New Year, New Me.” What does that even mean? Okay, yeah 2020 was a tough year for everyone. But how does the new year, 2021, change you as a person? What is going to be new about you in one day? What are you going to be doing differently? Why does making a change on January 1st become the time that we decide to make transformations? Why not tomorrow? Why not RIGHT NOW? Yes, I get it, the new year is like a fresh start that we attach next to this commitment, but why are we putting so much pressure on this “New Year” to be a better you? Why not start now? Why are we committed to making New Year’s resolutions just for this time of year? Yes, it is important to have a time frame for goals, but why do we tend to fall short? What is the missing puzzle piece?

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