3 Ways To Get Your Kids To Take A Walk With You


Posted by Merritt Athletic Clubs

Sep 2, 2016

bigstock-Family-Taking-a-Walk-5934171.jpgIt's a beautiful day and you want to get some exercise. You announce to the kids that you want to go for a walk so you tell them it's time to put their shoes on. You hear groans of "I'm tired" or "I don't feel like it" so to avoid tears and get them on board, you have to think fast. You want to get them excited about walking. Try some of these tips.

1. Make the destination enticing. A walk to the playground or to the park to feed the ducks might get them interested. If there is nothing new in your neighborhood, how about taking a bus ride to another neighborhood and walking there? The bus ride alone thrills most children especially if they have never been on a bus before. Not to mention you have to walk to the bus stop. Make it an adventure!

2. Give them something to do while walking. Give them a brown paper lunch bag to collect interesting rocks and leaves along the way. Make walking more interesting by letting them push their dolls in a stroller or pull their wagon along behind them taking their stuffed animal for a ride. This is especially appealing to them if you are pushing your baby in a stroller. A scavenger hunt is a lot of fun. Either have an older child make a list of things to 'find with their eyes' or you do it for a younger child. Find a person wearing a hat, something shiny, a business truck, a purple flower, certain numbers on a house or license plate or someone mowing their lawn. Or give them some sidewalk chalk to decorate the sidewalk as you are walking along.

3. Take a rain walk. Sun isn't necessary for a walk. As long as there is no thunder or lightning, a light rain makes a walk exciting. Kids love umbrellas and rain boots and there is nothing that gets them as excited as jumping in puddles along the way.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Ask your children for more fitness ideas whether it be a walk or another outdoor activity. Give your children the gift of a healthy family by focusing on eating right and playing together. Contact us for more ideas to keep your family healthy.

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